Help-U-Sell® Real Estate is the largest fee-for-service real estate franchise with more than 100 offices serving 26 states and the District of Columbia.

Created in 1976, the Help-U-Sell Real Estate model was the pioneer for providing an alternative to the dated 6% commission structure.

We never insist on fees based on a percentage of the sales price, allowing consumers to save thousands of dollars compared to what they would have spent on a traditional broker’s fee.

Help-U-Sell Real Estate is a full-service, set-fee organization and our licensed professionals manage the entire home sale process from start to finish, including handling all negotiations, providing referrals, showing the seller’s home, and providing expert advice and representation. We also help buyers acquire financing, find the best home for them, and negotiate with the sellers.

Together, Help-U-Sell Real Estate’s agents, brokers and franchise owners share a unified brand vision: valuing innovation, teamwork, and integrity.

Help-U-Sell Real Estate is The Best Way to Sell Your Home and Save Thousands of Dollars in Commission!

The Best Way To Sell Your Home. Don't Pay 6, 5 or 4% Commission!

Benefits of Selling Your Home with Help-U-Sell Real Estate:

There are at least three ways your Property will sell...

  • You show the home to the Buyer.

  • Help-U-Sell Southland Realty shows the home to the Buyer.

  • An MLS Agent shows the home to the Buyer.

We don't know which way your home will sell. To get more buyers and save money, you can hold an open house any time you are home. We enter your home into our powerful marketing program. You are given an incentive to participate in the sale of your home. We will also be working with the hundreds of active buyers in our marketing system to sell your home and we will be encouraging other agents to show and sell your home.

We Have Buyers...

We marketing extensively on the Internet and in the local media. Our broad marketing reach attracts buyers for your home and for others in our inventory. Because of the number of buyers who contact us, we have compiled a 'pool' of potential buyers. We normally have hundreds of buyers in our Buyer Pool.  We may already have buyers available to look at your home.

We Advertise Your Property...

Not only can we list your home in the MLS where thousands of local agents can see it and share with their buyers, but we also publish it on dozens of Internet sites. Today's home buyers begin their search on the Internet and will have no problem finding your home no matter where they start the search. We also optimize your listing for viewing on smartphones and other mobile devices and create QR codes to make that process easier.

We Take Care of the Details

  • We handle the paperwork, discuss the good and bad on each offer and help you negotiate the best possible sales price and terms.

  • We help arrange financing for buyers.

  • We coordinate inspections and make sure all required disclosures are made.

  • We handle all the details and follow through the closing process until you have your check.

We Save You Time and Money!

No matter where your buyer comes from, we will save you money! You can use your savings to create a faster sale by pricing your home at or below your competition. You can also offer the buyer better terms like paying closing costs or making needed repairs to your home to make it more marketable. You can use your added proceeds to put down on your next home.

Help-U-Sell Real Estate helps thousands of sellers save money by offering a low set-fee alternative to a high 6%, 5% or 4% commission. We are a Full-Service Real Estate Broker. There are never any up front-fees or cancellation fees.

Imagine what you could do with the Money You Save in commission!

Our SET FEE could be the difference between getting a check at closing or writing a check!

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