Save Thousands of Dollars in Real Estate Commission!


Help-U-Sell Real Estate helps thousands of sellers save money by offering a low set-fee alternative to a high 6% commission.

Sell your home for $5950. No up-front fees. No cancellation fees.

*Set-Fee may vary on condominiums, luxury homes, land or commercial property.


You can request a free listing appointment without any obligation. Simply fill out and submit the form below and someone from our team will contact you shortly. We value your inquiry and we will make every effort to contact you as soon as possible.

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What we do for you? – Everything

Show your home

Show your home to qualified buyers for you. (Or you can show your own home and save more!)

Market your home

Create and run a dynamic direct mail program.

Guaranteed advertising.

List your home on top real estate websites.

Advise throughout the process

Manage all paperwork.

Help our buyer obtain financing to pre-qualify.

Estimate your net proceeds.

Negotiate the offer

Discuss the pros and cons of each offer.

Manage counterproposals.

Get you the best possible price.

Coordinate inspections

Refer and schedule all necessary appraisers, inspectors and more.

Close the deal

Manage your transaction from listing through closing.


Imagine what you could do with the Money You Save in commission!

Our SET FEE could be the difference between getting a check at closing or writing a check!


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8 Questions Every Homeowner Should Ask Their Real Estate Agent Before Selling a Home


1- Will you sell my home for a low set-fee. Yes.

2- Do you charge fees up-front? NEVER. We only get paid through escrow when the home is sold.

3- Will my home go into the Multiple Listing Service? Yes. Help-U-Sell Southland Realty puts your home in the MLS for maximum exposure to all buyers in the marketplace.

4- Do other agents show my home? Yes. We arrange for other agents to show your home by appointment.

5- Will Help-U-Sell Southland Realty show my home? Yes. Our agents will show your property to qualified buyers by appointment.

6- Do I have to do the paperwork? No. We are a full-service real estate agency that does all the paperwork for you.

7- Will my home be on the internet? Yes. Our listings are advertised all over the internet 24 hours a day.

8- What about Help-U-Sell Real Estate? Help-U-Sell Real Estate has a 42-year history. Founded in 1976 Help-U-Sell Real Real Estate has over 100 offices from Hawaii to Washington D.C. saving sellers thousands of dollars in commission.